Ocean Blue Marble Pool Deck – Exceptional Outdoor Space

marble paved pool deck

Crafting Coastal Elegance: The Ocean Blue Marble Pool Deck in Fort Myers


In the heart of Fort Myers, a vision of coastal elegance took shape as a remarkable Ocean Blue Marble pool deck came to life, transforming a simple space into an extraordinary outdoor oasis.

The Vision: A Unique and Exceptional Pool Deck

Our mission was clear and bold — to fashion an exceptional pool deck that seamlessly complements our clients’ recently acquired waterfront home. Envisioning a unique, one-of-a-kind deck that harmonizes with the ocean’s beauty and epitomizes luxury living, this couple set the stage for a project that would push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship.


Setting the Mood: Ocean Blue Elegance

Choosing to encapsulate the tranquil essence of the ocean, we opted for a Running Bond pattern with Marble Natural Stone in a captivating Ocean Blue hue, supplied by the esteemed USA Marble. This careful selection not only heightened the visual appeal of the pool deck but also guaranteed functionality and durability, ideal for the coastal setting.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: Every Detail Matters

Our journey into meticulous craftsmanship involved a methodical process. Starting with the even application of sand across the proposed pool deck area, we delicately positioned the Ocean Blue Marble Pavers. To address potential water runoff, a 3-inch Deco Drain was seamlessly integrated, spanning the entire length of the pool deck. A finishing touch of more sand, expertly compacted and rinsed, culminated in a flawless finish that defined perfection.

Client Satisfaction: The Resounding Echo

As Cape View Drive’s pool deck came to life, the resounding echo of client satisfaction reverberated. Their joy and appreciation for the professionalism and the final outcome underscored the profound impact our craftsmanship has on enhancing their living experience and lifestyle.

Maintenance for Long-lasting Beauty

To preserve the enduring beauty of this Ocean Blue Marble pool deck, our seasoned project managers propose a comprehensive maintenance regimen. An annual pressure wash and clean are recommended to counteract the effects of environmental elements. Due to the inherent density of the marble, sealing is not advised as it may not effectively penetrate the stone. Regular maintenance rituals are paramount in sustaining the pool deck’s inherent charm for years to come.

A Testament to Artistry and Dedication

In conclusion, Cape View Drive stands not just as a pool deck but as a testament to the artistry and dedication woven into every project we undertake. It marks another milestone in our perpetual journey of crafting stunning outdoor sanctuaries, each one uniquely tailored to our clients’ dreams.

Your Vision, Our Reality

For those inspired to embark on their own residential outdoor renovation or aspire to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space, we extend an invitation to connect with us. Let us collectively bring your vision to life, turning dreams into tangible, exceptional realities.


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