Keep that “new paver look”
For years to come.

That’s Accurate.

Pressure Cleaning and Sealing ensure your pavers look stunning for the long haul.

Keep mold, vegetation, and
Dangerous bacteria away

Protect your stones from
Losing their color and shine

Enjoy easy cleanup
after a spill

Sun. Rain. Repeat.
Your pavers feel the elements too.

As a homeowner, protecting the value of your investment is paramount.
Did you know that your hardscapes, like brick pavers and walkways, are just as much of an investment as your house itself?

If left unattended, your pavers and walkways can become damaged over time, especially during the hot summer months. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders, damage costs homeowners up to $10,000 annually.

Properly applied paver sealant protects paving materials from weathering and fading. This extends the life of the paver and improves curb appeal.

We would call that a great investment.

Spend a penny today. save DOLLARS tomorrow.

The cost of regular paver maintenance pays off big time.

Prevent Slipping

A paver sealant helps prevent slippage and cracking caused by moisture buildup under foot traffic. These conditions cause unsightly cracks and gaps in the surface of the paver.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Sealing makes maintenance easier because the paver won’t crack or peel away from the concrete base.

Maintain Appearance

Sealing prevents water penetration into the paver material, preventing staining and discoloration. Water intrusion causes unsightly stains and damage to the appearance of the paver.




After our team comes to inspect your walkway, driveway, or pool deck, we pick only high-quality, “Florida-tested” products and sealants.



Trust our team of certified paver experts to ensure the cleaning process gets done right the first time. We don’t leave things up to chance.


Accurately CLEAN

You rest assured that your pavers have been maintained properly and will keep their beautiful look for years to come.

When it has to be accurately clean

High-Quality Sealer

We only use high-quality sealer and cleaning products that meet our high standards and that we have rigorously tested.

OVER 20 years experience

Experience matters. Over the decades in Southwest Florida we’ve seen a thing or two. Our teams know what works.


We are proud to use “Surface logix” products that have been “Florida-tested” since 1950.

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