Concrete Paver Driveway and Walkway Transformation in Naples

driveway project by accurate pavers

In the picturesque setting of Naples, a remarkable driveway and walkway transformation has taken place, turning ordinary into an extraordinary Thick Interlocking Concrete Paver masterpiece.

Join us as we walk you through the journey at Campbell Circle, from concept to completion.

Our journey began with a homeowner’s dream of revitalizing the exterior of their residence, turning it into their very own dream home. With this vision in mind, our team embarked on the mission to create a driveway and walkway that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also make a lasting design impact. Along the way, we faced some challenges, including the need to install the driveway on a slight incline for effective water drainage. We also had to reroute two downspouts under the pavers using a corrugated pipe to ensure that water wouldn’t accumulate beneath the surface.

To achieve the desired atmosphere, we selected Thick Interlocking Concrete Pavers from Tri Circle in a manufacturer-recommended Vanilla/Taupe/Charcoal color scheme.

These pavers were arranged in a visually appealing three-piece mega-smooth staggered running bond pattern. Our material choices not only added to the project’s beauty but also delivered functional benefits.

Our meticulous work commenced with the removal and grinding down of the old driveway and walkway to prepare the base with sand and rock for the new installation. The Tri Circle pavers in a running bond pattern were carefully installed, and concealed concrete restraints were added to all open outside borders for a polished finish. We then brushed in and compacted top sand into the seams and gave it a final rinse to create a flawless look.

Upon witnessing the transformation, The homeowner was very pleased with the professionalism and outcome of the work. They had no complaints and were kind enough to allow us to photograph their property for marketing purposes. They made it clear that they would recommend our services to friends.


To preserve the beauty of the driveway and walkway, our project manager recommends sealing the cement pavers every three years. This routine maintenance helps protect the pavers from sun exposure and vehicle traffic, ensuring that the colors stay vibrant and the surfaces look as good as new.

The completion of Campbell Circle marks another milestone in our ongoing journey of creating both functional and beautiful driveways and walkways. It has been a privilege to be a part of our client’s outdoor dream.

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  • driveway project by accurate pavers
  • paved walkway with thick interlocking concrete pavers
  • arial photograph of a driveway project by accurate pavers
  • walkway pavers

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