Paver Patterns & Materials

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Sailor Pattern

A sailor border is one in which pavers are laid with the shortest edge to the shortest edge, creating a thin border. This type of border is sometimes used for decorative effects but mostly to securely lock the entire job from movement.

To finish off the beautiful paving job would require an edging treatment. One popular edge is called a sailor border. To remember what a sailor border is, think of a sailor in a boat, the boat floating lengthwise in the water. (laying down is what you have to remember) Sailors’ border paver patterns are when the outside edge is finished by pavers turned with the long side of the paver running along the job, offering a horizontal treatment. See the sample to the left that illustrates what a sailor border treatment represents.

When specifying a board treatment, if you want the border to be less prominent and thinner, you need to ask Accurate Pavers, one of the best paver companies in Bonita Springs, for sailor border paver patterns.

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