Paver Patterns & Materials

A quick guide to help you decide which product might be best for your project.

Coping Pavers

Come into our showroom and talk to one of our knowledgeable sales consultants to learn about the various coping options for specific material choices. Sometimes the job and specifications might hinge on the coping options. Coping is can be a crucial element in assembling all the pieces within a project.

Perfect for every detail in your deck, Fire pit, steps, or fountain.

Accurate Pavers Fort Myers coping pavers and specialty pieces are ideal for decorative uses such as pool coping, raised walls, steps, spillways, fountains, benches, planters, and more. Coping is available in specific materials and select styles. At Accurate Pavers, our Bonita coping paver companies’ main materials offer a special line of coping designed for special applications.

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