Park Shore Drive
Driveway, Walkway, Lanai, & Retaining Wall
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Driveway, Lanai, Retaining Wall, Walkway

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  • Material

Thick Interlocking Concrete Pavers

  • Pattern

Herringbone 45 degree, Soldier Border, Three Piece Cobble Random Running, Two Piece Cobble

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From the outset, our client’s vision was clear: to infuse freshness and vitality into the exterior of their property, just in time for the summer season. With this goal in mind, our skilled team embarked on the mission to craft a driveway, walkway, lanai, and retaining wall that would not only be visually stunning but also leave a lasting impact.

To set the stage for a welcoming atmosphere, we carefully chose materials that would harmonize with the landscape. The driveway and front walkway boast a sophisticated Two-Piece Cobblestone Herringbone Pattern with a single Soldier border, using Thick Interlocking Concrete Pavers in the rich and inviting Chestnut/Buff/Charcoal color scheme. For the retaining wall and lanai, we utilized Tremron Stone Wall Blocks in the serene Sand Dune hue. The lanai floor features Tremron Olde Town 2-piece pavers, artfully laid in a random pattern with a sailor border on a bed of soft sand. These material choices not only added to the project’s aesthetic appeal but also ensured functionality and durability.

Our meticulous work commenced with the removal of the old concrete driveway and walkway, followed by the addition of a sturdy base rock and screening sand. The TriCircle Pavers in the Chestnut/Buff/Charcoal color palette were expertly laid in a herringbone pattern. In the backyard, we excavated and constructed the retaining wall using Tremron Stone Wall Blocks in Sand Dune color. A new patio, featuring Tremron Olde Town 2-piece pavers, was seamlessly integrated. Additionally, a thoughtful drainage system was installed, incorporating a 2″ Deco Drain along the rear wall for effective deck drainage.

Every step of this journey was marked by precision and dedication to quality.

Our client’s reaction upon witnessing the transformation was filled with delight and satisfaction. This customer expressed a pleasant surprise and a high level of satisfaction with the professionalism throughout the installation process. They insisted on their intention to recommend our services to anyone seeking exterior work, showing their overall acceptance with the quality of our workmanship. Such words of appreciation reaffirm the profound impact our work has on enhancing our clients’ outdoor experiences and lifestyles.

To ensure that the beauty of the driveway, walkway, lanai, and retaining wall endures, we recommend yearly pressure washing and highly advise sealing the products two months after installation. Sealing provides essential protection against UV rays and natural wear and tear, preserving the integrity of the materials.

In concluding the Park Shore Drive project, we celebrate another milestone in our journey of crafting functional and breathtaking exterior spaces. It has been an honor to contribute to our client’s outdoor dreams.


After our team comes to inspect your walkway, driveway, or pool deck, we pick only high-quality, “Florida-tested” products and sealants.