Vanderbilt Condo Association’s Driveway and Pool Deck

vanderbilt driveway by accurate pavers

Rebirth Through Adversity: Vanderbilt Condo Association’s Captivating Driveway & Pool Deck

After enduring the tumultuous first half of 2023 marked by Hurricane Ian, Gulf Shore Drive, and The Vanderbilt Condo Association bore the scars of devastation, yearning for a revitalized exterior. our mission unfolded: resurrect the condominium’s exterior to its former glory with a Captivating Driveway & Pool Deck. We undertook the challenge of not only restoring but enhancing the condominium’s appearance. The Pool Deck’s layout was intelligently extended to foster a more resident-friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Addressing the considerable challenge of poor drainage across the vast Driveway area, we implemented a strategic solution: installing pavers on a pitched surface to ensure effective drainage. The Pool Deck presented an even more formidable obstacle, having been utterly decimated by the hurricane, with water engulfing it. Our response was swift, ensuring a timely and safe restoration process.

For the Driveway: In the driveway overhaul, we initiated by delicately eliminating the existing concrete pavers. This was succeeded by a meticulous regrading of the existing subbase, supplemented by screening sand application as needed. The subsequent step involved the artful installation of pavers, complemented by concealed concrete restraints along all open outside borders. The crowning glory came with the application of Top Sand, meticulously compacted in between the pavers.

For the Pool Deck: Turning our attention to the pool deck, the process began with the removal of debris and existing pavers. Extending the space required strategic excavation, delving down 8″ below the finished grade. We seamlessly integrated screening sand throughout the extended and proposed areas. Pavers were carefully laid with silica (beach) sand in the overflow region near the sea wall, crafting a serene beach area beyond the pool deck. To ensure structural integrity, concrete edge restraints adorned all open borders, topped with silica sand for a meticulous brush-in, final compaction, and a refreshing final rinse!

Aesthetic Resurgence: Witnessing Vanderbilt Condo Association come to life, our client expressed immense satisfaction. The Condo Manager, delighted with the refreshing look, eagerly embraced the project for marketing purposes.

Sustaining Freshness: For sustained beauty, our Project Manager recommends a regular pressure wash and sealing every one or two years. Routine maintenance activities ensure the enduring charm of this Captivating Driveway & Pool Deck.

A Journey’s Culmination: As we conclude Vanderbilt Condo Association, we rejoice in yet another triumph in our pursuit of creating exquisite outdoor spaces. It’s a privilege to contribute to our client’s vision and witness the rebirth of beauty from devastation.

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  • vanderbilt driveway by accurate pavers
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