Corkscrew Shores Pool Deck Renovation

pool deck renovation

Elevating Estero: The Corkscrew Shores Boulevard Pool Deck Revival

In Estero, a remarkable transformation unfolded on Corkscrew Shores Boulevard, where a storm-battered pool deck was reborn through meticulous design and modern paver selections. Completed on November 30, 2023, this project not only revitalized an outdoor living space but also reflected the latest in hardscape innovation.

Project Vision

The homeowner sought to update her pool deck to reflect contemporary styles while enhancing functionality post-storm. The ambition was to seamlessly blend the new design with the home’s existing aesthetics, ensuring durability and style.

Design Excellence

Opting for a sophisticated look, the project utilized porcelain pavers in a stacked sailor border pattern, featuring the robust Noce color from Hardscape. This choice not only promised a timeless appeal but also ensured the deck’s resilience against future elements.

Craftsmanship and Process

The renovation process was comprehensive, involving the removal of outdated pavers and the introduction of advanced drainage solutions to protect against water damage. The installation of porcelain pavers was executed with precision, using innovative techniques like 1/8″ pedestals for perfect alignment and a new skimmer tray system for a sleek finish. The project culminated in the application of Nitro Polymeric sand, solidifying the pavers in place and ensuring longevity.

Client Satisfaction and Impact

The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome, praising the seamless process and the professionalism displayed throughout the project. The renovation not only met her expectations but also added a layer of sophistication to her outdoor space, promising years of enjoyment and minimal maintenance.

Maintenance Simplicity

Recommended upkeep involves routine washing with soap and water, a testament to the project’s design for ease of care, allowing the homeowner to maintain the deck’s beauty effortlessly.

A Testament to Innovation

This pool deck renovation on Corkscrew Shores Boulevard stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and technical excellence. It showcases how innovation can transform outdoor spaces into functional, stylish extensions of the home.

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