Paver Patterns & Materials

A quick guide to help you decide which product might be best for your project.

Thin Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Concrete can be made to almost any thickness and shape; Accurate Pavers knows that a good concrete paver will last generations if appropriately maintained over the years. Call Accurate Pavers today to get a quote on your thin concrete pavers. Your driveway or patio deck will look stunning with a three-piece running bond design! Or how about a herringbone paver pattern? Your options are endless. Call Accurate and see if we have a special running this month.

Thin concrete pavers are the most preferred paving stone for hard material. You may not even realize that a concrete paver is preferred over clay for durability and longevity. Thin concrete paver stones can be disguised as almost any type of paver using precast methods and coloring technology. The ability to cut, shape, and create detailed mosaics makes thin concrete pavers one of the most practical materials. Concrete is inexpensive and used for almost all construction projects. Accurate pavers are one of the best paver companies in Naples and Southwest Florida.

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