Paver Patterns & Materials

A quick guide to help you decide which product might be best for your project.

Stacked Bond

The simplest of paver patterns, the stacked bond looks like a spreadsheet document. It has horizontally-placed rows one on top of the next with no staggered joints.

Any paver material can be installed in a stacked bond format. This time-tested traditional pattern goes way back to the beginning of time. From our historical past to the most current time, a stacked bond paver pattern can still look extremely modern and clean in most any application.

We see that the most modern materials like precast Concrete looks cutting edge in a modern architectural setting. Note: the picture shown to the left is a stacked bond on a diagonal. Only at Accurate Pavers, most any pattern can be specified to be installed on a diagonal with no extra cost.

Come visit Accurate Pavers and our Naples, FL paver installers would love to show you all the possibilities for paver patterns in your area.

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