Running Bond Pattern

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Running Bond Pattern


Bricks are butted end to end with joints that fall in the middle of the brick on the next row. One of the sturdiest and easiest patterns to install, running bond only requires minimal cutting at each end and will easily follow a gentle curve.

Running Bond pavers are one of the most durable and sturdy patterns you could use, which provides longevity for your investment. When you think of masonry, most might think of the historically iconic staggered brick pattern. To match home architecture, hard-scapes can also take on that running bond look. Running Bonds are able to withstand expanding, ground shifting, cracking, extreme weather and chipping, a running bond paver pattern is very low maintenance; this means you have more time to enjoy your beautiful outdoor areas instead of worrying about repairing them. If repairing is something that needs to done, this pattern is simple to fix. The linear pattern can also be expanded in the future.

If you like a more traditional paver design, make a running bond paver pattern an addition to your home or business. Come view all our options or call to get an estimate today from our Naples, Fort Myers paver companies.