Sandstone – Natural Stone

Paver Materials
sandstone driveway



Sandstone interlocking pavers have unmatched natural beauty and the additional benefit of their durability make these pavers a great material for both indoor and outdoor use. You might think sandstone would be a soft and fragile paver stone but you would be wrong. Sandstone is actually pretty hard. The texture is much like a limestone.

Not only is sandstone pavers are a very durable material, Sandstone also comes naturally in a variety of colors. Sandstone is the ideal material for driveways, walkways, entries, patios and more.

Sandstone is created in nature by years of immense pressure on sand material. Sand is a form of silicon or glass that when compacted by pressure and millions of years, you get a pretty incredibly heard material.

Sandstone interlocking pavers give you the option of choosing from many different colors, usually ranging from deep whites, light grays to earthy browns. In addition to coloring options, Our sandstone paver installers allows you can also enjoy having a choice of shapes since sandstone paver stones can be cut in various shapes and size.