Coastal Dreams: The Beach-inspired Pool Deck of McLaughlin Boulevard
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Pool Deck, Walkway

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Bonita Springs

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Porcelain Pavers

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Embark on Your Coastal Dreams: The Beach-inspired Pool Deck of McLaughlin Boulevard

In Bonita Springs, a breath taking transformation unfolded, turning a modest space into a coastal dream. Join us on the vibrant journey of McLaughlin Boulevard, where every step is a dance with the beach-inspired pool deck, and a coastal dream comes to life.

Crafting Coastal Dreams

Our goal was to weave coastal dreams into every inch of McLaughlin Boulevard, creating not just a pool deck but a beach-inspired masterpiece. Collaborating closely with the client, we transformed ideas into reality, overcoming challenges like designing a sun deck and stepping stones around old staircase footings.

Beach Mood Unleashed

To capture the essence of the beach, we chose the Staggered Running pattern, embracing the beauty of Porcelain Pavers in Beach Beige from Hardscape. These choices weren’t just sand vibes; they were a promise of durable and stunning outdoor spaces, where the beach-inspired pool deck unfolds like a coastal dream.

Meticulous Craftsmanship Unveiled

Our meticulous process began with the installation of a new white Streamline slot deco drain, ensuring proper drainage for the beach-inspired pool deck. Spread of sand and Portland mix followed, creating the perfect pitch and leveling for the coastal dreams to take shape. Porcelain Pavers, artfully cut, shaped, and polished, ran over the pool edge, bringing the beach to Bonita Springs. Every joint was expertly grouted using Tec Power Grout, resistant to stains and mold. The Sun Deck and Staggered Stepping Stones, uniquely designed, added a touch of charm to the finished look, turning it into a true beach-inspired pool deck.

Client Satisfaction: A Symphony of Coastal Joy

As McLaughlin Boulevard came to life, our client’s joy echoed! It’s a celebration of coastal dreams realized in every detail of the beach-inspired pool deck.

Upkeep for Eternal Beach Vibes

For upkeep, our Project Manager recommends a quarterly soap and water wash with a soft brush throughout the year. Regular maintenance activities will preserve the charm of your beach-inspired pool deck.

Celebrating Coastal Dreams

As we conclude the chapter of McLaughlin Boulevard, we mark another triumph in our journey of creating coastal-inspired havens. It’s an honor to contribute to our client’s vision and bring beach dreams to life. Every aspect of McLaughlin Boulevard is a celebration of coastal dreams and the beach-inspired pool deck that turns them into reality.

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