Paver Patterns & Materials

A quick guide to help you decide which product might be best for your project.

Diagonal Bond

Accurate Pavers can take most any of these paver patterns and install them on a 45 degree angle. It is simply a matter of preference. When architects or builders specify the pattern that they want to use, they will say something like this: Herringbone Diagonal bond or three piece random diagonal bond. Diagonal is most always on a 45 degree angle. If another angle is requested, those specifics need to be communicated clearly to the sales staff.
Most any of these patterns can be installed in a 45 degree or diagonal. From herringbone to running bond, it is a matter of preference. You might think that it is more expensive to install the job on a diagonal, you would be wrong. Accurate Pavers charges the exact same to install a job at 90 degrees or 45 degrees, making us the best paver company in Fort Myers and Naples, FL. No matter how you look at the job, diagonal or not, it is still a matter of material, labor and square footage. Note: the image to the left would be specified as a diagonal bond paver pattern.

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