Pavers are an investment, a large one, and like anything else of value, it is important to protect your investment. In order to keep pavers looking as good as the day they were installed, or better, it is important to use a good paver sealer. Here are the top 10 benefits of sealing your pavers:

  1. Reduce deterioration, cracking, and spalling caused by the absorption of water, snow and ice.
  2. Reduce the growth of mold, mildew, and algea on the surface.
  3. Reduce staining caused by water and surface spills.
  4. Reduce fading caused by surface abrasion.
  5. Reduce discoloration caused by exposure the elements.
  6. Reduce the formation of efflorescence on the surface.
  7. Reduce surface dusting.
  8. Reduce deterioration and staining caused by salt and fresh water pool systems.
  9. Extend the life of the pavers.
  10. Enhance or bring out dull or faded pavers.



Pavers add value to your property, but only if they continue to hold their rich sheen. After about two years, they can begin to look faded. It doesn’t hurt the pavers to have a fresh coat of sealant two years after first applying a sealant if the fade is obvious. A sure sign you need to reseal a patio or outdoor paver area is when weeds begin to take root in the joints between the pavers. If they begin to buckle or rise, the paver area is offering up a signal it’s time to reseal.