THAT’S Accurate.

Transform your Southwest Florida landscape with expertly designed retaining walls, enhancing both function and beauty.

Low Maintenance


Add Value &


Stand Out From

Your Neighbors

Your garden won’t be the only one standing out.

Your retaining wall isn’t merely a functional boundary; it’s a cornerstone of your property’s visual appeal. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and feel of your landscape, whether you’re aiming to boost your home’s market value or just elevate its aesthetic.

Choosing the right design for your retaining wall can transform your outdoor space. With a variety of options to shape and style your garden, these walls offer more than just support; they’re an opportunity to make a statement.

It’s time to move beyond mere functionality and embrace the potential for beauty and distinction in your outdoor areas.

More than just a barrier.

A RETAINING WALL with thoughtful design offers much more than mere support.


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Erosion Control

A frontview of a building with a clean paved driveway
Retaining walls play a critical role in preventing soil erosion, protecting your landscape from the damaging effects of rainwater and runoff.

Expanded Outdoor Space

Driveway Paver
By terracing sloped areas, retaining walls create additional usable outdoor space, perfect for gardens, patios, or play areas.

Enhanced Property Value

Driveways with endless design options
A well-constructed retaining wall adds aesthetic appeal and functionality, significantly increasing your property’s overall worth.


The Accurate Approach


Our design experts listen to your ideas, consult with you onsite, get exact measurements and create plans that match your style, budget, and timeline. We recommend visiting our showroom to touch and feel all the various choices.


Our team of certified installers brings your design ideas idea to life in front of your eyes. We ensure clean job sites and as little intrusion into your daily life.


Accurately YOU
You sit back and admire your new paver design that accentuates your home and makes it stand apart from the rest.

We love getting it accurate for our customers.

Alexa Bereczki
Alexa Bereczki
Very satisfied, quality work and good value.
Jed Holt
Jed Holt
They were responsive, on time and did what they said they would do.
Nancy Dennis
Nancy Dennis
Great job turned out beautiful
Patricia Ryan
Patricia Ryan
They did a fabulous job on my lanai. Worker was very friendly, helpful, professional and hard working. Would definitely recommend them.
Charles Mascali
Charles Mascali
Accurate Pavers is a great company to work with. We have had them do 2 jobs for us and would certainly do so again. Keep up the good work.
Bryan Chambers
Bryan Chambers
Great company and workers salesman Dustin is fantastic, follows through.
Jerry Osterhoudt
Jerry Osterhoudt
Our Community (Quincy Square) required a solution to an existing design and liability problem with our cracked driveway aprons, but would aesthetically be an enhancement to our streetscape. Just a little detail… We chose from the several interviewed contractors, Accurate Pavers as our installers. I must say their showroom in Bonita was very impressive with a large sample selection to choose from. Our salesperson representative Jacob Drummer, was/is very knowledgeable and helped steer us in what we believe is the best design solution for our requirements. We selected a 4x8 brick, Antique Red with grey and yellow highlights, that was applied in a herringbone pattern with a full soldier broader, all within 3 ft aprons. This specific paver is actually constructed locally, so to our advantage the start date was earlier than anticipated and construction had a completion of All 24 buildings, 96 driveways within a month’s timeframe. Although we did our homework prior, I must admit, we were somewhat nervous until the first building’s pavers got started. Based on our community’s feedback, this project was a huge success. Comments on our community’s Social Media Facebook account, - Looks awesome!! - I think it looks even better than what I envisioned it to be! - Perfecto - Outstanding! - those workers worked long days in blistering heat. - Wow, that looks great! 😁 - Really does make a nice statement - Looks nice, eager to see it in person - Great job guys👏 thank you - Nice! Big upgrade! - It’s amazing how it enhances curb appeal as well as being functional! It really breaks up the boredom of all the concrete. - What a super job the installers did. The pavers look great and add another dimension and point of interest to Clemson Street. The pavers are a positive affordable enhancement to our property and its value, while actually solving a known problem that was also a potential liability. Regards, Much Appreciation to Accurate Pavers… Jerry Osterhoudt (Quincy Square President) and The Quincy Square Community… Clemson Street previous to paver… image.png Current Clemson Streetscape with Pavers… IMG_1350.jpegIMG_1355.jpegIMG_1356.jpegIMG_1359.jpegIMG_1360.jpeg

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